Welcome to x-panel.eu

X-Panel is a consulting, research and training company, specializing in addressing issues relating to people attitudes and behaviours. We aim to touch People's Mindset and enable Change!
The company was established in 2006 with the vision to create a model organization for the promotion and support of Innovation. The above position stems from the belief that the ability to create new value depends greatly on the ability to integrate TECHNOLOGY Innovation – products / services, process / enabling  technologies - and BUSINESS MODEL Innovation - value proposition, supply chain, target customers.
The core business of X-Panel is PEOPLE, because we believe that behind every business model or technology the real difference is made by skilled, as well as, engaged People!

Research and technological development which leads to new technologies can be a major part of innovation, which can, be very visible especially in new products or services, or be hidden behind the scenes in manufacturing process technologies or enabling (eg. IT) technologies.


  • Promotion of Business and Entrepreneurship  

Contrary to common belief, innovation is not only about new technologies but also about new business models, including such things as new value offerings (what is sold to the market), new supply chains (how is it created and delivered), and new target customers (to whom it is offered to).

  • Practical Support for Innovation

Aiming to successfully integrate a robust model of innovation into the business mentality, companies must balance the business and technology elements of innovation, as well as manage the process through time (investing in derivative, new and breakthrough innovation) and strengthening human resources as the key resource for further development and innovation. 


X-Panel operates in the Construction, Food and Tourism sectors and has been involved in the implementation of a number of national and as well as European research and development projects. The company follows a very "hands-on" approach leading and investing its own resources in many of its projects.